Just hours after arriving for a holiday in Benidorm on Spain’s Costa Blanca, Kirsty Maxwell died at around 07.50 on Saturday 29th April 2017, in unexplained, suspicious circumstances. 

These circumstances are being investigated by the Spanish police and by a Spanish judge as homicide.

Mystery surrounds Kirsty’s tragic death at the age of just 27 at My Pretty Payma Apartments (also known as Apartmentos Payma, Benidorm, Spain).

There are so many unanswered questions about: 

  • what happened in the room Kirsty was in before she died
  • other unidentified My Pretty Payma Apartments residents who were not interviewed
  • important lines of enquiry which do not appear to have been pursued

Investigative progress and answers have not been forthcoming for Kirsty’s family, who are determined in their search for the truth and to get justice for Kirsty.

People residing in 

  • My Pretty Payma (also known as Apartmentos Payma as stated above)
  • the nearby Hotel Presidente 
  • locally in Benidorm 

who can assist with information may not have come forward because they think what they know is not relevant.

Kirsty’s family hope that this website and the associated social media platforms appealing for information will assist the investigation.

Please take time to read the various sections of this website and use the information and links to help, in whatever way you can, to support Kirsty’s family, as they continue their desperate search for the truth about the tragic and suspicious death of their beloved Kirsty.


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