It is almost four years since my father’s suspicious death abroad and I’ve spent all of this time trying to find answers, trying to find help from someone and anyone. Losing someone you love and not knowing how they died, what were their last moments?, these uncertainties torture your heart and mind. It’s been a frustrating and lonely journey. Fighting for justice was almost impossible during 2 years of Covid restrictions. Last year I started to feel there was no hope and nobody had constructive advice, guidance or empathy towards my dad’s case. Giving up is not an option so I continued researching.
I then discovered the Kirsty Maxwell Charity and started a dialogue online with the most supportive and inspirational person I have ever been in contact with since my dad’s death. I would usually read her emails and respond to them with tears in my eyes. I had no idea that she was in fact Kirsty’s mum.
I was overwhelmed. How does a mother and father who are traumatised by their own child’s tragic death, have the time, energy, resources and emotional capacity to create a platform for supporting other families who have lost a loved one abroad through murder or suspicious circumstances? Denise and Brian and the charity will possibly be unaware of the impact they have had on myself and other families.
Through the charity we have access to a professional crime investigator (David Swindle) at a hugely significant price reduction thanks to the charity’s fundraising.
I have had an abundance of free and powerful advice from the charity and all of this has positively changed the direction of my father’s case. We may still be years away from finding out the truth but without the Kirsty Maxwell Charity I wouldn’t have had any support at all.
Denise and Brian should never have had to lose their daughter to then become campaigners and to become the rock of so many families right now, who are battling with authorities abroad. I hope and believe that they will find the truth.
Thank you Denise and Brian for all that you have done, all that you do and all that you so stoically will continue to do.

– Shuba David-John