On Saturday 29th April 2017 at around 07:50am, tragically Kirsty Maxwell lost her life. She had only just arrived hours before and the circumstances of her death are still unclear to this day.

Kirsty was just 27, recently married to her childhood sweetheart, and a new exciting chapter in her life was waiting. Along with a group of friends Kirsty attended a hen party in Benidorm, but what was supposed to be a fun trip with all her friends ended in devastation.

Kirsty’s family have released the following video in memory of their beautiful angel. We will all continue to fight for answers and justice. We have set up this charity in honour of Kirsty Maxwell, to continue the fight to help prevent other families being abandoned in their time of need.

Please visit to find out more information around the appeal or if you have any information which may be of help.

In Memory of Kirsty Emma Curry Maxwell

For 3 long years we have been fighting for truth, answers and justice for Kirsty’s brutal death.

As each year goes by the loss of Kirsty does not get any easier but we remain determined, we are Kirsty’s voice, we are Kirsty’s representation, Kirsty is not here to speak so we must be her voice.

At present during this global lockdown which has also affected the courts in Spain, we and “in conjunction with our lawyer in Spain” together with assistance from David Swindle Investigative reviewer team continue to strive and push for evidential issues to be heard.

Our public appeal also continues as there are normally UK frequent visitors to Benidorm this time of year. Who although in lockdown, they may not know or had the opportunity to come forward yet.

In Kirsty’s memory we have created the Kirsty Maxwell Charity. This is to assist and help others who find themselves in a similar predicament with no one to turn to, no help at hand and that feeling of being abandoned to investigate on your own when a loved one is killed abroad.

The support we continue to get from family, friends and public is hugely appreciated, many thanks.

Again, this time of year we continue to honour and remember Kirsty as the loving and caring girl we all so dearly miss.

Please stay safe and take care, many thanks to you all and your loved ones.


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